DEAD OR ALIVE FESTIVAL 2019(DOAフェスティバル 2019)
November 23, 2019 Free admission
New Pier Hall Takeshiba

DOA6 World Championship
Finals & Last Chance Match

The Grand Finals of the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 World Championship tour: $30,000 prize bonus in total! The strongest 14 players from North America, Europe and Asia will come together to compete for the top! The Last Chance Match for the final 2 spots will be held on the day of the event!

Official Pop Up Live Stream Vol. 2
Calling all Owners!
A DOA Festival of Venuses!

Cosplay Collection

Join the exciting stage dressed as your favorite character from the DOA or DOAX series!

DOA6 Photo Contest

Shoot outstanding photos from DEAD OR ALIVE 6
based on 3 different themes/categories!

DOA6 Design Contest

Design a costume that will look great on DOA6 characters!


  • DOA6WC Thundersticks *limited to 250 pairs
  • DOAXVV 2nd anniversary artwork clear file
  • DOAXVVSD character sticker (17 types)
    *1 sticker per person; designs are random
  • DOAXVV Card with code for an in-game item.
  • DOA6 collaboration postcard
  • DOA6 Premium Ticket
    *"DOAXVV Card with code for an in-game item"can be only used in DMM GAMES version.


Mai Aizawa (Marie Rose CV)
Ai Nonaka (Honoka CV)
Saori Onishi (Tamaki CV)
Yuta Kamizono (MC)
Sawa Orinaga (MC)


DOA franchise merchandise will be on sale.
New items will be on sale at DOA Fes!

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