We've taken the popular 2009 release of Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch for iPhone and iPod touch and redone the interface from the ground up to take advantage of the iPad's high-resolution screen. All the information you need to conquer the land is at the tips of your fingers with all-new screen layouts. Experience the thrill of battle as never before with crisp, high-res graphics.
A wealth of new gameplay elements have been added to the original RTK Touch. Three new scenarios, the ability to edit cities and officers in-game, and the ability to create your own original officers and forces will allow you to customize your conquest of ancient China in all new ways. And the new autosave feature will ensure that your progress is never accidentally lost.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is reborn with new features, new maps, and intuitive new touch controls. Master the art of war with simple-yet-challenging turn-based battles. Outwit the opposition with the clever tactics of officers like Zhuge Liang, or mercilessly crush your enemies with the raw power of Lu Bu. The fate of ancient China is in your hands!
Build your forces from among a grand total of 255 characters, each with unique abilities. As sovereign, recruit worthy officers from across the land and take to the battlefield to vanquish your enemies!
With a helpful tutorial and extensive glossary and hint features included, even newcomers will be conquering in no time. As a sovereign your duties cover everything from domestic and foreign matters to military defense and expansion, but heed the advice of your faithful strategist and the land will be yours for the taking!
Supported devicesiPad
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