Official Live Stream Vol. 2
Gather up Owners!
Celebrate DOA Festival with your Venuses!

Event information including 8K photo contest, displays and more!


Stage Schedule

  1. November 23, 2019, 13:00~14:30 (JST)

Guests & Staff

  1. Ai Nonaka (Honoka CV)
  2. Saori Onishi (Tamaki CV)
  3. Sawa Orinaga (MC)

Stage Details

  • 2nd anniversary special!
    Top secret data part 2

    Presenting data pulled from user surveys and top secret data from in-game investigations.
  • Venus Study Time
    Guests and owners who are attending the event will challenge a quiz about the 2 years of DOAXVV.
  • Results of the First
    Venus Swimsuit Design Contest

    The results of the Swimsuit Design Contest, where owners submitted their entries, will be announced.
  • Latest information
    Information about upcoming DOAXVV news will be revealed.
  • Venus ●●●● Photoshoot
    Photoshoot of ●●●● being added in a future update.
  • Venus' real-Gatcha of real-Gatcha
    The guests will participate in a Gatcha, and these items will be released to players in the future.


  • Venus Photo Exhibition
    A massive exhibition of all of the bromides. Look forward to the 300+ swimsuits on display!


  • 8K Challenge! Venus Real-time Photo Contest!
    Photograph the best picture of the Venuses on the 8K monitor at the venue!
    *No prizes will be awarded in this contest.
  • Event attendees only!
    Real Owner Mission!

    Clear the owner missions that come up at the DOA Fes venue for a chance at real-Gatcha! If you're successful at getting a SSR, you may even get a special prize!?