Enter your name in English and it changes into kanji characters. An all-new and original Kanji app!

How to play
First, input your name!
Enter your name or a cool alter ego.
2. Convert!
Convert your name into Kanji!
Your name will be changed into cool Kanji characters based on its reading.
See another side of yourself!
Touch the kanji to see the cool meaning of your kanji name.
Discover a surprising and cool element hidden in your name.
Shake to make the best Kanji combination!
Shake your iPhone/iPad to create new and different Kanji combinations.
When you find the perfect combination of cool Kanji, share them on twitter and show off your Kanji name to your friends!

*Kanji meanings and scores are for your personal enjoyment and are not scientifically accurate.

RequirementsiPad/iPhone/iPod touch
Release DateAugust 18,2010