Zombie Recycling Inc. : Rotten Red

More action! More obstacles! More red-hot eco-friendly undead recycling in Zombie Recycling Inc.: Rotten Red. You'll need a steady hand to clear all the puzzles! It's up to you to save the world's zombies in Zombie Recycling Inc.: Rotten Red! Are you up for the challenge?

Have you played Zombie Recycling Inc.: Moldy Green yet?
Just so you know, Rotten Red is really hard. You should probably start with Moldy Green first!


Zombies--an indispensable part of today's entertainment industry.
Zombie movies! Zombie games! Zombie music! Zombies EVERYWHERE!!
So many zombies that the world now faces a devastating shortage...

Now one bold company steps in to fill the growing need with an unprecedented experiment--Zombie Recycling.
If the experiment works, the visionary company stands to make an eco-friendly killing!


Bounce the zombie heads onto the waiting bodies below in this unique puzzle action game.
Zombie heads are fragile, rotten things, though, so don't bump into any obstacles or drop them on the ground.
Tilt your iPhone or iPod touch to recycle the world's zombies!

"We hope all the people of world will take it upon themselves to make the green choice, and help relieve the terrible zombie shortage." --Zombie Recycling Inc, CEO

We face a global shortage of zombies, and a world without zombies just wouldn't be the same. Zombie Recycling Inc. is dedicated to do its part in saving the global environment. As part of that mission, every zombie you recycle will be counted for further research. Please, think of the zombies.

GenreGames/Puzzle, Action
RequirementsiPhone/iPod touch, requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later
Release DateMarch 10,2010