The Isle of 8-Bit Treasure

A long time (and many bits) ago, three daring adventurers set out to explore all the dungeons on a mysterious island!

Enjoy light-hearted, dungeon raiding fun in this neo-retro take on classic RPGs! Take on missions to explore caverns, forests, ruins and defeat the monsters lurking within. Spend a few minutes to clear one dungeon, or a few days to uncover all the secrets of The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures.


- Over 60 missions
- Tons of loot
- Upgradeable weapons
- Simple controls
- Unique Weapon Reel battle system
- Three uber-cute playable characters--Swordsman, Witch, and Hunter--each with a different play-style
- Create new weapons & dungeons from the music in your iPhone or iPod touch! (Requires iPhone OS 3.0)

GenreGames/Role Playing, Adventure
RequirementsiPhone/iPod touch (2nd generation),
requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
Release DateNovenmber 5,2009