Rio BlackJack

Play one-on-one blackjack with the world's most charming dealer, Rio!!

You have standard options of using Hit, Stand, or others by tapping or swiping the table in the screen, and the game gives you the same atmosphere and sensation, just like playing at real casinos.

In addition, there are a lot of enjoyable things you can find only in Rio BlackJack!

With the "Costume Change" function, you can change Rio's costume of your choice.
New costumes will be added through wins. Have fun to see Rio attractively dressed in a traditional kimono, a swimsuit, a maid costume, or many other costumes!

The game also has the "Album Mode" in which you can view various snapshots of Rio by paying your coins.
These include treasurable rare images you hardly see anywhere else.

Try to beat the dealer to get all the picture images and become a great card counter in Rio BlackJack, full of adrenaline rushes and excitement!

GenreGames/Casino, Card
RequirementsiPhone/iPod touch
(Requires iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update)
Release DateApril 30,2009